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PRESS RELEASE - THNET Opens New Citadel for FOJI Customers

The HEDWAY NETWORK Opens Public Relay Station for FOJI Customers. As of 10.29.YC119, The HEDWAY Network (SCC Ticker THNET) officially opened their latest acquisition, BEACON STATION, to the public. This station was acquired and placed online for the public, in particular jump freighter pilots, that are supplying construction jobs based in the HEDWAY Network capital production station, FOJI CAPITAL SKYFORGE. 

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- FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - The HEDWAY NETWORK Opens FOJI CAPITAL SKYFORGE To the Public. As of 19.20.YC119, The HEDWAY Network (SCC Ticker THNET) officially opened their Capital Shipyard and Research Center, FOJI CAPITAL SKYFORGE, to the public. This Station offers the public discounted Capital Ship production, discounted Capital Component production, as well as R&D services and general manufacturing.

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A YEAR WITH UPWELL STRUCTURES: Citadels & Engineering Complexes

The Structures That Have Changed the Fabric of New Eden. Since last year, the way Capsuleers have lived, and played, in New Eden has fundamentally changed. With the deployment of the LIFEBLOOD Expansion, Capsuleers will soon have a greater opportunity to make their mark out in the stars. Before the upcoming Refineries, though, let's look back at the structures that came before.

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