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A YEAR WITH UPWELL STRUCTURES: Citadels & Engineering Complexes

The Structures That Have Changed the Fabric of New Eden. Since last year, the way Capsuleers have lived, and played, in New Eden has fundamentally changed. With the deployment of the LIFEBLOOD Expansion, Capsuleers will soon have a greater opportunity to make their mark out in the stars. Before the upcoming Refineries, though, let's look back at the structures that came before.

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EVE ONLINE: Lifeblood Expansion Feature Tour Video

LIFEBLOOD IS COMING. 10.24. EVE Vegas 2017 is on and the developers were only too excited to spread the hype and talk about what is coming down the pipe: Refineries, PvE Content, & ship rebalances - OH MY! For many industrial moguls and PvE chasers, & FW PvP'ers there is a lot going on here. LIFEBLOOD (Scheduled to release on October 24th) is an expansion to get excited over.

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