EVE ONLINE: Lifeblood Expansion Feature Tour Video



EVE Vegas 2017 is on and the developers were only too excited to spread the hype and talk about what is coming down the pipe: Refineries, PvE Content, & ship rebalances - OH MY! For many industrial moguls and PvE chasers, & FW PvP'ers there is a lot going on here. LIFEBLOOD (Scheduled to release on October 24th) is an expansion to get excited over. IN SHORT: With Lifeblood, there is a lot of content getting shuffled around and being granted to players in ways never granted before. Feeling the hype yet? Check out CCPs exciting new Feature Tour Video below for a sneak peak of what is to come.



So, exciting stuff, right? Well, there is a freighter hold of more information available to go with that video. So if you haven't already, it is time to get in the know about what is coming in LIFEBLOOD.

  • EVE UPDATES: You can find out information by clicking the image below and heading over to EVE Updates.


  • KEYNOTE VIDEO: Thanks to our friend OkarasChimera, who is hosting a video of the EVE Online Keynote from EVE Vegas 2017, you can see more of the exciting stuff to come. Definitely worth watching.