PRESS RELEASE - THNET Opens New Citadel for FOJI Customers




The HEDWAY NETWORK Opens Public Relay Station for FOJI Customers

As of 10.29.YC119, The HEDWAY Network (SCC Ticker THNET) officially opened their latest acquisition, BEACON STATION, to the public. This station was acquired and placed online for the public, in particular jump freighter pilots, that are supplying construction jobs based in the HEDWAY Network capital production station, FOJI CAPITAL SKYFORGE. It was deemed vital by THNET Founder and CEO, Eurzadahn, that pilots have a save path to use in order to safely return to High Security space. 

"After the onlining of FOJI, I felt we should do more - that we could do more - to insure the safety and security of our clients as they returned to high security space. Beacon Station makes that possible."

- Eurzadahn, CEO of The HEDWAY Network

THNET's Advanced Reprocessing Station. SENTINEL Mining Port.

THNET's Capital Production + Research Station, FOJI Capital Skyforge.

An example jump chart into and out of THNET's FOJI CAPITAL SKYFORGE when traveling to and from the Amarr system.

ZINOO - An otherwise barren and useless system, Zinoo is the system sitting between the low sec system of Sechmaren and the high sec system of Neburab. Aside from BEACON Station, Zinoo is an otherwise stationless system. 

An ad promoting BEACON Station.

ABOUT FOJI CAPITAL SKYFORGE - FOJI CAPITAL SKYFORGE is The HEDWAY Network's (THNET) public Capital Shipyard and Capital Component manufacturing hub located in the low security system, Hiremir. Rigged for high efficiency, this advanced station offers THNET customers Capital Ships at a fraction of the time and material costs - reaching a savings of about 200-400 million ISK in savings per hull. In addition to highly efficient Capital and Capital Component production, FOJI CAPITAL SKYFORGE, also offers THNET customers R&D services. Located within the system, THNET also offers customers advanced refining services at SENTINEL Station. Additionally, THNET also offers Jump Freighters pilots a safe out cyno via their relay station, BEACON Station, resting on the Neburab gate, leading safely to high sec.

ABOUT THE HEDWAY NETWORK - The HEDWAY Network is a Khanid based public Citadel, Engineering Complex, and Refinery operator, offering their customers unprecedented service in the areas of trade, invention, research and manufacturing. The HEDWAY Network maintains and operates the oldest trade Citadel and R&D Engineering Complexes in the Khanid Region and continues to expand in order to meet the growing demands of the Capsuleers their serve. In addition to empowering the Capsuleer public, The HEDWAY Network is also a news organization, reporting technical news and other topics regarding the happenings across New Eden. THNET is lead by Chairman, CEO, and Founder, Eurzadahn [Ali'Noor]. The HEDWAY Network is also the Executor corporation of the alliance, Ikusaro.


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