SHIP REBALANCE INCOMING! Lifeblood Shakes Up Beloved PVP Hulls

As part of the LIFEBLOOD expansion (due out October 24th), new-player friendly ships face a sweep of balance adjustments to make the ships more competitive in the field of PVP. The trend thus far on these balance changes are giving more capability and option to Amarr vessels, Minmatar hero hulls are getting more bite, darling Gallente ships are getting their power reigned in meanwhile, and the Corax finally receives a bit of love. But is it enough to turn the ugly duckling into a force on the field? It is likely on the fields of Faction Warfare that these ships will prove whether or not they can remain competitive. 

With these adjustments going live, FW groups as well as LS/NS/WS cruiser gang doctrines will face a lot of changes over the course of the coming weeks, milking each hull of every inch of new-found potential. 

Take a look at the gallery below for the latest announcements regarding these balances. These infographics feature the changes and note any slot layout changes happening as a result.